Re-purpose Upcycle

Teacups Never Die, They Just Become Garden Art

Never throw out a chipped teacup again.  Turn it into a wonderful piece of garden art/decoration, and continue to enjoy it's beauty, perhaps as a background to an elegant backyard tea.  

First, find a less than perfect teacup to give it a new role in life.  Besides a teacup you will need 1/2 inch copper pipe and 1/2 inch copper pipe caps. These can be found at Home Depot or hardware store.  Also you must purchase epoxy glue.  What I use is E6000. At Home Depot the copper pipe will come in 10 feet lengths, definitely too long for this project.  Home Depot will  cut this into any length you'd like.  

To assemble, following instructions for the E6000 epoxy glue, glue the pipe cap to the back of the saucer, making sure it is centered.  Let this dry for awhile and become stable, and then glue the cup to the saucer.  




It takes about 24 hours for the glue to cure. Put a length of the copper pipe in the ground and then place the teacup onto the pipe.