Shelley Begonia; Simple "Baking Powder Biscuit" Tea Made Elegant

Now days, at least in Seattle, there are a whole slew of small shops baking biscuits  from Biscuit Bitch, Serious Biscuit, Biscuit Box, Biscuit and Bean (you get the idea).  Usually they serve versions on the biscuit and gravy theme, some with cheese sauce, garlic, jalapenos, etc.  Not to be outdone, the English Teacup Shop, came up with a "Baking Powder Biscuit Tea" recipe just to keep up with the trend. 

China History

The Demitasse Brings Back the Bling

We're used to grabbing things on the go, like espresso or a double shot latte on the way to work in the familiar paper cup with a plastic lid.  We're in a hurry, we're stressed, we're in traffic, we're late,.  The paper cup, foam cup, and travel mug are convenient ways to tote our favorite eye opener beverage through our harried lives.  Even when sitting down to drink the hurried cup, the espresso cup itself is white, nothing special. Does it really matter?

A few hundred years ago, the teacup, imported along with tea from China, brought about a revolution in dinning habits.  Care had to be taken to drink the hot beverage out of small fragile cups.  Tea was expensive and so were the teacups and other plates and teapots that eventually made their way into Europe.  Having tea and all things that went with it was a sign of wealth.  Knowing how to properly drink tea.and use proper etiquette showed refinement. Soon eating with ones fingers a la Henry VIII, went to eating with forks and knives.


The demitasse (French for half a cup) was designed to hold about 3 ounces of liquid.  And even though they may look like small teacups, they were not designed to hold tea but espresso or Turkish coffee, and were to accompany a special desert after a wonderful meal.  The fine, but strong, espresso was able to mitigate the rich desert and bring an elegant even opulent end to an evening.  The demitasse set itself did not match the china set, but was a different design and often had more shin, more gold, more bling!

Try it, have a meal, with friends, unhurried and then bring out the demitasse with strong espresso and a sweet desert, see what happens.


The Perfect Buttermilk Scone

’ve been searching for the perfect scone recipe.  The one that is simple, an everyday scone that can be eaten plain and with jam and cream, one that is not too sweet and rich, and yet not just flour and water.  I finally found one that is good for me, the buttermilk scone, crispy on the outside and fluffy and flaky in the middle.