About The English Teacup Shop

We labor under the theory that what the tea goes into is every bit as important as what goes into the tea.
— The English Teacup Shop
 The Owners of The English Teacup Shop, Robin and Denise

The Owners of The English Teacup Shop, Robin and Denise


Teacups, teapots and tea treasures

Welcome to the English Teacup Shop

It’s always tea time somewhere in the world! Here at The English Teacup Shop we are ever on the search for unique treasures, and even if ever on the alert for marauding ruffians and enemies of the Queen, we find it essential to drop everything for a moment and savor one’s tea. After all, it’s the civilized thing. 

Much ink has been spilt over the life-affirming paradisaical delights of tea, much discernment over the attributes and quality of the various teas of the world, but at the English Teacup shop, we labor under the theory that what the tea goes into is every bit as important as what goes into the tea. 

We’re sure you’ll agree there is much to be savored in the delicate vessel that conveys the flavor, the splendor, the caress of the delectable cargo of finished tea to the lips, and with that exquisite sentiment in mind, we offer these treasures.

quality tea treasures from far and wide, NEW and Vintage

The English Teacup Shop offers tea treasures vintage and new from around the British Empire (which covers a lot of territory).

About our Vintage Treasures

The English Teacup Shop takes great care to provide accurate descriptions and photos of our beautiful treasures. Most are vintage, have a lot of character and have been well loved. Because of this they may display minor age-related wear, slight gold gilt loss, or a manufacturing blemish commensurate with age. This is typical of vintage and antique treasures. We generally do not sell anything that has a chip, crack or crazing, and will make mention of this if we do or anything major.

About Shipping and Returns

Please be assured that your items will ship out within one business day of purchase. We use U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail.  For outside of the United States we use USPS First Class International Package.  This form of shipping has no tracking and no insurance if item is lost in the mail or damaged.

Because of the nature of vintage items ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NONREFUNDABLE

See more details of our shipping and return policy.

About the Owners

The Romance of the Sea has long been a part of Robin Allan Jones’ life—well, the U. S. Navy, anyway.

Back in his days as a young squid, he visited exotic ports of call, such as Hong Kong, Taipei, and Sydney, and in such places he sometimes discovered bargains in jade, gold, and fine wood carving, which he would bring back to delighted friends in The States. But the call of the exotic would beckon him back across the ocean, and it got so he started actually volunteering for sea duty. That was just the start of a lifelong exploration.

Denise Marie Crawford has always had a fascination for fine, delicate exotic things, for china and turquoise, spices, and silks; not just surrounding herself with them but intimately knowing their history as well.

She brings this savvy affection plus a keen eye to her rummaging, and the result is an argosy of the exquisite.

In their search for the world’s tea treasures, Denise and Robin found each other one day some years ago;

And now, in keeping with the traditions of adventurers of past ages, they have created a sumptuous vision of paradise just within reach.

What treasures can they discover for you?